Ticket Vending System

Fully computerized Electronic Ticketing Machines are used for issuing daily passenger tickets. Ticketing system has been finalized by company to ensure the common ticketing system for all operators. The software used in these machines are owned by ICTSL. This eliminates the risk of passengers being ever charged more than the specified fares by the operators. The computerized ticketing system also helps in effective monitoring and control of conductors and management of ticketing data.

With the hi-tech Electronic Ticket Issuing Machines, it is easy for the conductor to issue tickets generated through the machine and to collect the money from passengers.

The stages on the route and respective fares are fed to the machine". For example, if a passenger boards the bus at stop number four and intends to get down at 10, the driver will press the buttons 4 and 10. A ticket will come out and the corresponding fare will be displayed on the machine and the ticket, for which the money will be collected by the conductor. The main features of ETM are Specifications for hand held ticket vending machnies

  1. 32 key keyboard and printer
  2. 350 Gms weight
  3. Palm held
  4. Dimension 75mm x 240mm x 33mm
  5. Simple operation, punch number and print ticket
  6. Route configration (upto 500 routes)
  7. Each route can have upto 250 stages
  8. Status monitoring facility
  9. High efficiency battery having capability to print 3500 tickets in one charging
  10. RF card reading capability
  11. GSM and RM radar compatible
  12. Bar coding capability
  13. RS232 and I/R port
  14. 8000 ticket memory
  15. One second ticket printing time